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Handling Stress - an Angel Meditation

Our lives are busy and we encounter so many things that bring us stress and anxiety.  Just taking time out in the day to relax and recharge can make so much difference in the way in which you handle stressful situations.

This deeply relaxing 20-minute guided meditation, invites you to relax and to get some distance from the issues and concerns that bring stress and upset into your life. 

It also invites you to bring in the assistance of your angels for insights, resolution and peace in the midst of challenges.

Based on the experience of those who've bought copies for friends and family over the years, we know it will bless you too.

$12.00  Handing Stress

An Encounter with Jesus

In this 20-minute deeply-relaxing guided meditation, the listener is taken on a journey through a beautiful forest where there is time to sit and speak with Jesus.

This was created to assist seminary students in their journey of discernment, but will be helpful for anyone who wishes to spend time with Jesus and ask for guidance and affirnation in their Christian journey.

This recording is presented by Deborah Vaughan who is the Archbishop of the Community Catholic Church of Canada.  She is also one of the Angel Ladies.

$12.00 An Encounter with Jesus