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Transforming Our Challenges.... Deepening Our Faith

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We have certainly heard about "bearing our crosses," as we journey in faith.  Life can throw some curve balls, things happen beyond our control, we can feel burdened in so many ways.  Sometimes we shake our fist at heaven and wonder if God has heard any of our prayers.

The Cross is the ultimate symbol of sacrifice and yet it also gives way to unimagined freedom. 

While we have much to learn through the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus, the Cross is the vehicle through which we come to understand the power of God through Christ to transform all, opening us to Divine love, grace, healing and mercy.

In this uplifting presentation, participants will take a look at the "crosses" in their lives and the opportunities that such circumstances can offer for change, for growth, and for a deepening of our understanding of God's loving actions in our life. 

Participants will learn new ways to approach trials and experience a powerful reflection that leads them from prayer to praise.

"The Transforming Power of the Cross" can be offered as a 60-minute presentation, as the basis of a day of reflection, or can be tailored to suit the time frame of your group.

Handcrafted crosses can be offered to participants at a discounted price.

To talk to Deb about presenting a seminar or presentation for your organization or group, please visit: Booking  Deborah 

A symbol and a sign of faith and trust in action.

Everyone gets there at some point. Life gets hard or scary or painful and earthly wisdom is no longer enough to offer the missing ‘peace’ to the puzzle.

For those in the Christian community, the Cross is the ultimate symbol of transformation. Death gives way to new life and despair turns into joy, the cross is a visual reminder that with God all things are possible.

Deb has created these one-of-a-kind crosses to transform your fears to faith, your tears to triumph, and your pain to praise. Each cross is energized and blessed with the intention that you may be fully embraced by Divine Love and have a greater awareness of the grace of God working in your life. And, as you examine your cross, you may well see images that are divinely created, a little wink from God.

We have offered these crosses individually for $10 each.   Now, we are pleased to offer them to your parish, group or organization at a bulk price.  They make a thoughtful gift for parish members or special occasions, or, for those looking for fundraising ideas, the Transformation Cross is a great item to raise some funds!

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