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Interactive, entertaining and inspirational, the following presentations can be offered as a 40 minute seminar, a half-day session, a full-day format, quiet day event, or a weekend retreat -- tailored to your group's specific needs.

These and other themes are also offered as shorter keynote presentations for gatherings such as prayer breakfasts, group meetings, or special events such as conferences.

Deborah also offers workshops for small groups at her home in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Call for details

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The Cross is the ultimate symbol of sacrifice and yet it also gives way to unimagined freedom.  While we have much to learn through the life ministry and teachings of Jesus, the Cross is the vehicle through which he demonstrated Creator's love, grace, healing and mercy for all.

In this uplifting presentation,  Deborah talks about the opportunities that crosses offer each of us for change, for growth, and for a deepening of our understanding of God's loving actions in our life. 

Through reflection and activities, participants will learn strategies to help them cooperate with Spirit in the hard places and receive the blessing times of trial offers. 

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Accompanying us on our Spiritual journeys is the loving One whose Voice guides and directs us. Sometimes, it feels as though that voice is far, far away.

Join  Deborah for a look at the ways in which God has spoken a message of Love that echoes through the ages, and get ready to hear that voice in your heart in this moving and beautiful presentation.

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 Long before medical science and university studies proclaimed the benefits of forgiveness, Jesus taught the necessity of its practice. Nevertheless, the importance of forgiveness in our lives remains an unpleasant teaching for many.

What is forgiveness, really? How can we come to peace with those who have hurt us so deeply -- and get free of the pain that lingers?

Deborah Vaughan explains the significance and process of forgiveness, its power to restore our broken hearts, and ways we can begin to heal our lives through this practice.

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Jesus healed people wherever he went. Often, we wish we had been there to receive the healing he offered so willingly. How did Jesus heal? Is healing available to us today? How can we find the healing we need on so many levels?

In this presentation, Deborah discusses these and other intriguing aspects of the healing miracles of Jesus, the techniques he used, and healing as we understand it today.

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Angels abound in the pages of Scripture, yet many Christians regard God's heavenly helpers with suspicion and fear. 

Are angels real? 

Do we have angel guardians at our side throughout our lives?

Bishop Deborah takes a revealing look at the actions of angels throughout the life of Christ – and in our own lives, as well.

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The world is an abundant place, filled with blessings and opportunity. Jesus used vivid examples of the many ways that God manifests good things in our lives and how we can open the channel of our supply. The prosperity Jesus spoke about is available to us here and now.

Deborah discusses the workings of abundant living as revealed through the parables and teachings of Jesus and explains how you can tap into the bounty God has waiting for each of us.

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What on Earth are you Doing? Life Purpose 101

As often as we've heard or said that everything has a purpose, how many of us include ourselves in that statement? Life is so full of coincidence and randomness that it's hard to believe that we have some grand task to fulfill in our lives. That's the stuff of George Bailey...or maybe not.

Explore the concept of your own life -- what you meant to do with it and what you still can -- in this workshop led by  Deborah Vaughan.

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